About our Club:

The Gopher Wheelmen (GW) is the oldest cycling club in this part of the country.

Our Founder:

GW was founded in 1934 by Ken Woods (6/19/1918 – 10/11/2000). Bicycle racing was at a peak and Ken was a top rider in the six-day racing scene. The “KW” on our jerseys is in recognition of Ken’s contributions to the club and the sport.

Ken remained a major contributor to bicycle racing since those days. Much of what we have today is because of his stewardship and endless hours of volunteer effort.

GW today:

GW continues to take pride in our contribution and volunteerism to the sport by sponsoring two annual races: The Ken Woods Memorial Road Race (formerly the Sogn Valley race) and the Red Barn Classic Cross Race.


Our membership is currently at 80. We have a strong representation of masters racers (35 plus). We have a growing women’s and junior’s team. All GW members are treated equally without regard to racing category

Our Mission:

Be a member of the United States Cycling Federation (USCF). Have fun and develop character by encouraging honesty and courtesy in recreational and competitive cycling.