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State RR Report

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

From: Jeff Ingham
Date: Aug 27, 2007 9:58 AM

Heres a brief recap of the crash filled Master 4/5 race.

Nice day line up with two other Gophers Tim and David and about 65
others, mostly Loon State. There were at least 10 Loon State Guys.
The course is a fairly flat nicely paved 17mile loop. One small hill
but its definitely not a climb. It would be a fun course if there
weren’t 65 other guys jammed into one lane, several sweeping turns,
even a left hand turn. At the begining of lap 1 I make my way up to
the front and talk to some of the smaller teams there, Tonka and GP
about trying to get off the front so we don’t have a repeat of the
last Avon race. I get several agreements especially from the Tonka

We spend most of the first two laps jumping off the front trying to
get something set up, we must have tried 10 times to get away. The
result each time was Loon State would send a few guys up to the front
then pick a guy to drag the pack back to any break. They made no
attempt to keep the pace high or help in creating a break. Its their
typical tactic and I hate it. After two laps of beating my brains out
at the front I’ve got some wicked leg cramps. Lap 3, riding back in
the pack to try to recover a little I asked Todd Nesvold from Tonka if
I take one more shot at getting away would he help me. We’ve been
riding at the front most of the race and he says he’s cooked too, and
he’s sitting in for the sprint. In the mean time Tim is at the front
pulling for a long time.

Coming into the straight there are just too many guys to fit in the
limited space. About 1.5 miles from the finsih something happens and
there a big pile up that I swerve right and avoid, some guys does an
endo into the ditch. About 1 mile later thinking I’ll find a way to
move up thru the field for a good position for the sprint someone
cramps or sits up or something and this time theres a huge pile up and
David goes down. I lock up the brakes and swerve into the grass and
just barely avoid everything. Now there’s a big gap and I have to
sprint to get back on and just as I’m catching on we cross the line at
the back of the lead group.

Without the crashes it probably would have been a fun race, I just
wish it hadn’t come down to a massive field sprint, too dangerous, too
many riders. We tried our best to get away early, maybe the course
wasn’t hard enough to dump all the weaker guys.

On to cyclocross where I can crash as much as I want and not worry
about getting killed!

State RR

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

From: David Schueller
Date: Aug 28, 2007 9:43 AM

Last go at a road race for this year. 55 miles, 40 or so Cat 4/5
riders. Course was relatively flat — Rich took some flyers and I
tried once with Guy A. from Birchwood and somebody else, but nothing
doing. We knew early on it would be a field sprint. Ended up making
kind of a rookie mistake and jumped too early, then got passed by
three and ended up fourth … but still in the upgrade points. A good,
crash-free ride, luckily. Near the finish we passed one guy that was
laid out from an earlier pack. It was fun times racing this road
season, that’s for sure.


weekend races

Monday, August 27th, 2007

From: Lee Penn
Date: Aug 27, 2007 3:55 PM

Saturday State Road Race, 51 miles (three 17mile loops), 9 cat 123 riders

I had a great time at this race despite carelessly crashing five minutes
before the start – doh! Quite the pretty knee I have in addition to bruises
up and down my right side. My own gosh darn fault – I get onto my bike by
clipping in my left and then swinging over my right…just as I do several
times EVERY DAY….only this time, my left wasn’t really clipped in, you
see. Yeah – I went down right in front of the other women – very
embarressing and painful, as it turns out. Actually, what’s kind of
annoying is that I don’t get visible bruises so much, so I’m not even
getting very much sympathy for my pain!

Anyway, a first for me was the cooperative bathroom stop AT THE SCHOOL upon
completion of the first lap…. Second and third laps were full of feisty
surges and so on – super fun and pretty hard. Break of two got away with
about five miles to go. Then, remaining birchies and flanders totally shut
down, very effectively, I must add — thus leaving it to me and two
hollywood to attempt chase. Linda S. was cramping, and my knee hurt. Bunch
sprint – I just was kind of distracted and hurting – semi-satisfied to
finish fifth in the bunch.

Overall, it was a fun race, but I do wish I hadn’t bitten it on the concrete
right before the start!

All in all, I’ve had a great road season – I’ve enjoyed nearly every race
I’ve managed to race, and I have even had a handful of good results! I am
looking forward to some cross racing this fall, but I do need help as I’ve
never done this before…..

Thanks for reading!

weekend races

Monday, August 27th, 2007

From: Dan Schueller
Date: Aug 27, 2007 3:32 PM

Saturday State Road Race, 68 miles (four 17mile loops), 26 Cat3 riders

Flatted 3 miles in on a nickel sized rock. Took 4 minutes to change
tube. Time trialed for about 40 miles getting to within 2 minutes of
the pack. Then started losing time and was 5 minutes behind with one
lap to go. Just rode the last lap easy (enjoyed the scenery, took a pee
break, said hi to the cows) and took last place. It really sucked
riding alone the whole way. I tried to ride with the 50+ group when
they caught me with one lap to go but an official in a car told me to
drop back, so even that didn’t work. This was one of the most
frustrating races I’ve done because it was a whole lot of work to just
get last place.

Sunday 1k and 4k State track time trials

Turnout wasn’t too good probably because of the prior day’s race.
It was very windy so I was happy with my 1K time of 1:16.9 which got me
2nd place in the Cat 3s (2nd to Tim Mulrooney who rode a 1:13.7). In
the 4k I was shooting for a 5:25 but fell short with a 5:33 which got me
the Cat 3 bronze medal. The 4k was done as a pursuit (2 riders on the
track at a time) and since I was second to Mulrooney in the 1k, I was
matched against him. Yes, it turned into a comedy as he passed me twice
and got the fastest time of the day (beating the fastest Cat 1-2 rider
by 8 seconds) of 4:59. It sure is demoralizing when he comes by so

The Last Dog

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

From: Berde, Sherry
Date: Aug 23, 2007 10:17 AM

Black Dog
Sherry Berde/Charlie Townsend
Mixed Tandem

With the weather changing, I love to ride tandem with Charlie late
summer into the fall. We started to ride the tandem again a few weeks
ago. I think we got in about 4 rides. Last Saturday we joined (a
different team– oops) training ride early in the AM on tandem. We
were flying and even won a sprint! With such excitement we made a
goal to do the last Black Dog of the season on tandem and attempt to
break the Mixed Tandem record which we believe was 15’04”.

Last night was humid and still. I was hoping there would not be a
cross wind, and there wasn’t. Cross winds are awful on tandem. We
were both well rested (too rested perhaps) after not riding for 3
days. We had a great 45 minute warm. Did some step ups. Got back
to the car for a last minute front wheel change, and a hammer gel.
Charlie stepped in dog poop 4 minutes before our start time. YUCK.
He quickly attempted to get rid of it, but there was this stinky odor
which I knew I would have to shut up and deal with.

My job is to remain tucked low behind Charlie, still, and push as hard
as I can!. I do not have a computer on my side of the tandem. Makes
for a lonely trip back there, considering I cannot see the road up
ahead. I also decided not to wear my heart rate monitor and go by
feel. I did have my watch on to time our ride. With only my watch
for feedback, I could not control myself with checking the time every
3 minutes or so, which required me to move my head a bit and turn my

We passed the only other mixed tandem team out there at about 3′.
They had started 90″ before us. They were not riding a straight
line and I thought we might take them down. Charlie is an excellent
captain and we soared past them. We passed our 30 second guy at about
5′. Passed about 3 more people before the cone. Came to the cone at
7′ . Had plenty of room around the cone. The tandem is slow to get
back to speed. By the time we got back to speed we were at 7’14” .

The return trip felt a bit slower but not by much. Charlie told me
(after the race) we were around 28-29 mph on the way out and about
26-27 mph on the return trip. He thought I might have been dogging it
but I was pushing. I told myself not to look at my watch the return
trip until we got to the start line (different line than the finish).
I knew that we were on schedule to break 15′ if we did not flat or
crash! We were at 14’35 at the start line. I was elated to come in
at the finish under 15′. Charlie was happy with our time too but not
so happy with my obsessing of doing so many time checks b/c it slowed
us down a bit. I was not staying focused on my job!

We were impressed by Jordan and Jim Cullen’s time of 14’57” on tandem.
Jordan has really come on this year. He is only 12 years old. It is
amazing to watch him race. I gave Jordan a GW (old cap) for winning
his junior series. He is collecting caps from different teams. He
had his picture taken with the cap on when he got his award.

Bike practice at the velodrome

Friday, August 17th, 2007

From: Sara Brokaw
Date: Aug 17, 2007 8:59 AM

A two week haitus (getting some much needed recovery time) from the
track and racing in general involved consumption of some fermented
beverages, eating, slow bike riding, lots of bike commuting, and some
easy running (3x). This was finally capped off Wed night with
practice of my superman remounting technique on the cyclocross bike in
preparation for DanW’s favorite bike season! Legs were feeling, well,
sort of painful all day and I was feeling a bit fuzzy. I knew what I
needed was a small amount of hard effort to rejouvinate the system,
and Thursday’s track racing would take care of this (tired today but
legs feel better).

Small turnout for the night (Bike club, U of M sprinter, and Grumpys
sprinter), but I think everyone was determined to have a good time
despite the small field size.

First race was a snowball, 12, 8, 8, 6 pts, sprints every 3 laps, 12
lap race. Knowing my best bet was to go early, I jumped with 2 to go,
hoping for 12 points. U of M came flying by with ~ 100m to go.
Across the line, I chased a bit, but then realized I was towing
Grumpys sprinter, figured that was not a good idea and pulled uptrack.
She & Bike club went by & I was apparently done. Kept tempo rolling
to not get lapped while the other 3 contested the next 3 sprints!
Hmm…bad legs during the day seem to be translating to bad legs in
the evening, but this can be expected given the rest.

Second race was a 750m Handicap. Bike club was ahead, U of M sprinter
behind, Grumpys at the start. U of M flew by in a half a lap, and I
tried closing on Bike club, but only could hold the distance between.
Grumpys comes around just before the finish so again I am 4th out of
4. So it goes. Bike club gave U of M a run for her money in this one
which was impressive given the fact that she’s raced 4 or so times at
the track.

DanS seemed to be having a challenging night at well (though I know he
got at least a 4th place finish in one race), though he was announced
as Dan “The Eagle” Schueller once. Seems as though BobW has not
settled on a nickname for him yet…previously Dan “The Diesel”
Schueller (in his Cat4 days).

Last race we found out was the state championship Scratch race (sprint
at end). Official prior to the race asked if we wanted to shorten it
from 30 laps, and given that I was riding around with a bunch of
sprinters, there was no way I was going to let this happen. This race
really felt like a practice…everyone (except U of M) throwing
attacks down, forcing U of M to chase. Interesting note was that
riding between the red line and blue line seems to protect against the
attacks rocketing down the banking, at least in a field of 4 riders
with the power present. Making my move with 2 to go didn’t seem to do
the trick earlier in the evening, so with 1 to go I attacked, opened a
gap. U of M and grumpys came flying by, but Bike Club went missing,
so I rolled across the line in third for a medal!

Thanks for reading. I hear next Thursday there will be a party at the
track, Summit, food, music, and again I’m sure expert announcing! If
you’re looking for something to do, racing starts at 7!


Fwd: [GW] Square Lake

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

From: Dan Wheeler
Date: 13 Aug 2007 22:58:42 -0500

By request, here is the Master’s 4/5 Square Lake Road Race Report.

Got to race early to support who Sara would call BWAGC. See 13-lined
teammate official Merwin and decide to ride shotgun with him all AM to
further investigate this whole official thing (free lunch, drive around,
walkie-talkies, and get paid! – note to self…). Really this is not an
enviable job and thanks to all for your hard underpaid and
under-appreciated work.

Back to racing. It is 1PM and 90-some degrees now when I see a mirage –
another Master’s 4/5 teammate Lacey. I approach slowly and it turns out he
is real! Pre-race we discuss keeping near the front during Nason Hill climb
and keeping pace high.

We line up with about 30 racers for 45 miles/3 laps. MCT rider (recently
downgraded from 3) takes off during the neutral roll-out and has a 15
second gap at the real start of the race – great way to start. I roll on
the front to keep pace high just to make sure this “attack” goes no where.
1st time up hill, we pretty much stay together. Second lap Cat 6 team sits
on front and pace lines. I jump up there just in case they try anything,
but there is no attacks. 2nd time up hill everyone is again content to keep
pace. 3rd lap I roll back up at the front to keep an eye on attacks and
pull more than my share, but Martin has been strong on the hill. Into the
last time up Nason, Martin is moving up to about 3rd wheel and the first 2
guys get a gap. The 2 crest pulling away and remain away for the remaining
~4miles for 1st and 2nd. Martin has a mechanical at the crest of the hill –
bummer. I follow wheels to the line and miss the jump for 3rd. Sprint past
a few others for 7th. Martin recovered nicely for 10th.

It was great to see such strong performances from so many fellow ground
squirrels! I also wanted to highlight the support of Gophers that
surrounded Cheryl upon her oh-so-hot finish of the Women’s 4 race. Hoping
you are fully recovered!

Stay tuned for information on the next (best) race season – cyclocross!


Square Lake

Monday, August 13th, 2007

From: Dan Schueller
Date: Aug 13, 2007 12:10 PM

Nice Square Lake race reports, and strong results by many Gophers (Dan
W. or Martin, I’d like to hear about the Masters 4/5 race).

I was very happy with my Masters 35+ race which was 5 laps and combined
with the Cat 1-2s (34 total riders). Our first lap was super slow and I
just rode near the back. Then on the feed hill a group of 8 or so
rolled away and I didn’t even notice until they had a good gap. I was
confused why nobody was chasing them down so I figured most teams must
have had riders in the break. Since I had no teammates I attempted to
bridge with Charlie Anderson from GP. We rotated nicely for a couple
miles until he said he was giving up. I kept pushing on alone for
another mile until I knew it was hopeless. Thereafter I just rode with
the pack thinking my track racing would give me a good chance in the
final sprint. There were several break attempts but nothing worked
until two guys broke away with half a lap to go. Each time up the hill
I was one of the first to the top so on the last hill I pushed hard and
had a good gap over the whole field at the top. But on the flat, Jim
Cullen, Paul Rennert and Jay Henderson came by and I hopped on. At
about 300 meters Jay started the sprint, I got on his wheel but a few
seconds later the two Loon Staters sprinted by both of us. I then went
by Jay and tried to put my sprint in overdrive but that gear was just
not there after 70 miles and I couldn’t get around the two Loonies at
the line. So I finished 12 overall and 6th in M35+. I was pleased
though because one of my 5 goals for this year was to place top 10 in a
M35+ road race or crit.

I also love that course, I didn’t cramp and the neutral water saved the
day (I took 5 bottles). However I did take a pee break once and about
killed myself catching back up to the pack. And I beat Aric Hareland,
Charles Jacobs and Jay Henderson, how often can I say that (basically

Birchwood RR report

Monday, August 13th, 2007

From: Lee Penn
Date: Aug 12, 2007 1:49 PM

Great report David!

Here’s mine… I went into this race feeling pretty good – my usual
bit-o-asthma and that’s it. FINALLY!

W123 – 4 laps in the very very hot afternoon… I actually thought I might
not race due to weather. During my son’s soccer practice, these ominous
clouds and gusting winds made me believe the afternoon was gonna be toast.
Instead, we have hot hot hot sunshine all afternoon!

Eleven starters. We have an almost five mile neutral ride to the start,
which was just peachy. We had a very chatty and delightful ride to the
start. Everyone rode a clean race, and it was super duper fun. THANK
GOODNESS the birchies had neutral water – it was super hot, and two bottles
would not have been enough!

Lap one – the group stays together until the 1 k 6.5% grade hill – we take
the hill at a modest pace but drop two. Lap two – I attack at the top
third, and we are now a group of six. Three birchies, Shana, Margo
(silvercycling), and me. Lap three – we stay together. There are a few
mini attackes by birchies, but everything is covered nicely. Everyone is
working well together, although I spend too much time on the front. It’s
hot. We are grateful for the shady patch that leads into the super fun
tunnel chicagne. Modest pace up the hill. Lap four – we stay together.
Fun through the tunnel. Several miniattacks – all covered. We get to the
hill – shana attacks, and she just flies up the hill. Field fractures into
shana, two birchies, me, next birchi, and silver cycling. I’m just way too
asthmatic to keep the pace. I don’t know if I could have kept the pace
without asthma, but, well, that’s the way my body works right now – it is
what it is. The order in which we crest the hill is the order in which we
finish. I hold up at the top to pick up heather (new birchie, cool woman,
mom). We work together until 200 to go, and I sprint off to take fourth –
in the money, it turns out!

Great things about the race: organization, marshalling, the AWESOME course,
the food (thanks bwc!), hard racing, and the women who raced.

My only mistake? I did too much work on the front – somehow, I just end up
on the front and unable to get off the front… Otherwise, my major
weakness was the final climb. I was super happy with how I raced and how
everyone else raced. What a blast!


Birchwood RR report

Monday, August 13th, 2007

From: David Schueller
Date: Aug 11, 2007 9:17 PM

First off, I’ve got to note that this was an awesome course — big
hill, lots of rollers, flat windy stretches, a woodsy windy section
and an S curve under a tunnel.

So we started out the Cat 4/5 race fairly slow as to be expected, for
a three lap total. First time up the hill a Flanders set a good tempo
and split the pack up, with 15 or so at the top.

A few miles later, a visitor from Colorado attacked, and the pack
eventually lined it up and caught him.

Basically everybody was not wanting to get in the wind or pull, to the
extreme, which made for a pretty slow pace for the first lap or so.

After a lap and a half, everybody was single file on the yellow line
because of the crosswind. At that point I’d had enough, and went to
the front and pushed the pace, to see if and how much of a gap might
happen. Not long and I had a gap, but I wasn’t seriously thinking
about staying away for the rest of the race.

But then we got to the woodsy part, where it was easy to get out of
sight. I thought, hey, there are only about three people doing work
back there, and I’d seen they were kind of feeling it on some of the
rollers, so I’ll make them catch me and be no worse for it if they do.

So I put the hammer down and tried to keep it up until the hill.

The second time up the hill I didn’t look back until the top. I had
about 20 seconds. So even though I thought I was going to get caught,
I put the hurt on there knowing they’d probably spent a lot up the
hill. That worked to get more of a gap.

Then about a mile after the hill, the Birchwood Guy (forgot his last
name, but that’s his first) who’d been marked from the beginning
caught me after bridging up. I knew he was a good time trialer, so we
had a chance.

We took turns, and did end up staying away until the finish; for me
about 20 miles on a break. The official on the motorcycle kept giving
us time updates and the gap kept growing, no small thanks to the
blocking work of Rich.

On the last lap, I started cramping up, but I tried to hide that from
him, and managed to stretch my calves a couple times while he was
pulling. Took two salt pills with about 8 miles to go.

So at the finish, we knew we’d made it, and I was on his wheel getting
ready to sprint. I waited as long as possible, because I knew once I
started any kind of sprint there was a good chance I’d cramp up

We passed the 500 meter sign, then 300. I started sprinting with maybe
a hundred to go, and sure enough both of my calves cramped up so much
my shoes were pointing at like a 45 degree angle downward. So I’m
like, can I ride like this?? And I’m like, well, it’s the finish, I
better, so I pushed my legs down which felt really awkward with my
toes pointed, and slowly gained on him, but he tried to sprint too,
and we threw our bikes and he got me by maybe a foot.

It was some seriously great racing. After, Guy said he was thinking
about switching to the Wheelmen because he lives near Roseville — so
yeah, that’d be awesome if somebody put in the good word.

When chasers came by after the finish, they kept talking about how
Rich was doing some seriously great blocking back in the field, and
that I had a teammate to thank back the road. So no doubt I owe the
result to some great teamwork.

So this was a fun, fun race, and thanks to the officials and
organizers for putting it on.